About the films:

Rebeka Bratož Gornik’s short film Timecapsule deals with the enigmatic architect Rikard Marasović. His voice is an omnivoice of the Krvavica community, architects, researchers, local historian and former employees, while his character is played by a prominent local actor. The narration presents and questions the position of architect's authority in describing the past, present and possible future state of the building, as well as the communities around it.

Video interview with Rebeka: 

The film Sound That Remains by Joaquín Mora aims at manifold interpretations of architectural space, that could be called as a sound identity of a place. The author investigates, documents and redefines relationships between contemporary subjects and sounds of the former Children’s Maritime Health Resort. The video is composed in layers, from the sound and visual recordings of the building in its current state, empty and abandoned, to the confrontation of sounds in choreography with members of the local female choir Tempet.

Video interview with Joaquin: 

Film Interviewees:
Miranda Veljačić, architect researcher from Split, Croatia
Stevan Rodić, architect from Novi Sad, Serbia
Rajko Jurišić, local historian, Baška Voda, Croatia
Ineska Paić, former receptionist, Makarska, Croatia
Josipa Balajić, art historian and pedagogue, Krvavica, Croatia

Special Thanks:
Dino Beroš, Krvavica, Croatia
Folklore Ansamble Tempet, Makarska, Croatia
Lovrenco Laušić, local actor, Krvavica, Croatia
Bojan Divić, voice-over, Krvavica, Croatia
mART, Makarska, Croatia
Intermundia, Zagreb, Croatia
Videodrom, Zagreb, Croatia